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A candid couture photograph of a lady sitting at the poolside.
This snapshot of my cousin was taken at Forbeswood Heights in Bonifacio, Global City.

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A silhouette photograph of a horizon taken at Boni Avenue during a sunset.
Sunrise and sunset are great opportunities to capture the fiery and golden appearance of the sky.

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A macro photograph of a yellow flower with a black ant on one of its petals.
This shot was taken in San Mateo, Rizal.

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Hello, everyone!

My name is Mike Gallego. I am the author of this blog Enraptured and  The Unbroken Reverie. Famous nationalistic blogger Mr. Juanstep a.k.a. Drunk Salmon was my classmate during my high school junior and senior years. I finished my High School Education with technical vocation in Computer Technology in Don Bosco Technical College. Currently, I am enrolled in San Beda College as a Legal Management student. In general, I am just an ordinary Christian learner who commits himself to the ideals of the Catholic Church, and to the love of his own country, the Philippines.

I love visiting places like volcanoes, seas and mountains; joining religious and socially-motivated groups; managing my small and personal businesses; going to rallies and mingling with different kinds of people. And these are the things that I would like to share with you in this website. So join me in my journey into capturing the awesome beauty of our captivating world through the lenses of my cameras.

This website will be featuring some of my breathtaking photographs of different subjects that will surely enrapture the most discerning of viewers.

Welcome to my official and first individual photography blog!

Enjoy and be enraptured.